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When Lance had the opportunity to dream big through Make-A-Wish®, he knew exactly what he wanted. Instead of meeting a celebrity or going on the trip of a lifetime, he chose to start his own charity – one that would help kids fighting cancer. Kids just like him.

Thus the idea for Lift Brigade was born.

On May 21, 2016, more than 400 supporters attended the launch of Lift Brigade® during a public celebration in Cedar Park at his Make-A-Wish Reveal Party. It was a great celebration. Friends and family from hundreds of miles came to honor Lance and his decision. Food, drinks and music were provided and – we think – everyone had a great time! It was everything we had hoped for… and more.

Thank you Make-A-Wish®!!!

“Lance’s wish is extremely unique,” says Cindy Fitchpatrick, CBCC Psychosocial Program Coordinator. “I’ve been in this field for 26 years and this was the first time a patient requested his wish to be for the other children and teens in the clinic. His wish will definitely be a gift to many children and teens who are also affected by cancer.”

“There’s no doubt Lance will be surrounded by those he has lifted up through the joyful work of his new foundation,” says Jill Skinner, Chief Communication Officer at Make-A-Wish®.

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